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My game

Sleeping alone in the bed, I have cold for several days. In the period of time, I don’t play cable, every day my head is dizzy. I am afraid that if I play the game, I think I must be killing by other people soon. I do not want to waste of my WoW CD Key. In the period of time, I can not play the game, you know, how pain I feel. I miss the friends in the game. I do know whether they miss me or not. I do not tell them I have cold. Although the computer is near to me, I can not play. At present, I miss my friend especially in the game. I think when he knows I have cold; he must be worry about me. In these days, I think when I am better; I will let him buy World of Warcraft cd key for me. In his eyes, I am like a baby who was spoiled, but he always forgives everything of me, including my fault. Together with him, I feel I am the most well-being person in the world. A lot of people in the street, look at these people, I remember the situation we stand in a line to buy CD Key, unwitting I smile. At that time, a lot of people want to buy CD Key, owing to at that time it is cheap. Remember the days in the game, my feelings are improving. I have to get better as soon as possible. If so, I can continue to play games, I am eager to see my friends.

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