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Podiatrist: Ugg Boots Do Uggly Things To Your Feet

ugg boots have become something of a phenomenon lately. Hollywood made them trendy and the Midwest made them mainstream.

At more than $100, they're not cheap but they've become a must have -- especially for teenage girls. What many Uggs lovers don't realize though is, according to one podiatrist, the flat, shear ling lined boots are actually bad for your feet.

"They keep your feet warm in the winter and summer. You don't have to wear socks with them, that's the main reason I bought them," said Crystal resident Angie Peterson.

"They're comfortable," said Minneapolis resident Amanda Weinkauf.

They're a major fashion trend that hasn't gone out of style yet in Minnesota.

"I think they're ugly," said Weinkauf.

That doesn't stop thousands of women and girls from wearing and loving the Ugg boots.

"Very comfortable, they feel like pillows on your feet," said Peterson.

However, podiatrists warn the shear ling boots are actually hard on your feet.

"The biggest problem with them is the fact that they have no support. They're completely flat on the bottom," podiatrist Dr. Kari Prescott.

Doctors say that lack of arch support can lead to foot and leg problems.

"If you don't have external support, all the muscles in your legs, really from the knee down, can become achy, sore. Some people refer to that as shin splints," said Prescott.

A foot condition called plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs, may also happen. Slipping in an arch support can help.

"This provides some curvature and it's not ideal," said Prescott.

And even forewarned about potential problems, Ugg wearers still love their boots.

"No, I'd probably still wear them," said Peterson.

"I'd still wear them," said Weinkauf.

"It's always fashion over practicality, isn't it?" said Prescott.


Republicans Will Fight the Next Cycle“Who are these kids?”

That was the buzz in Northeastern Pennsylvania during the first week of November last year. It was high noon in what would become the most contentious election of our lifetime.

Yet, a group of relentless students screaming themselves hoarse in the town square, daring the disapproval of former President Clinton by showing up uninvited to his rally, and storming the streets armed with literature, captivated the locals. Newspapers and television crews seemed to follow our every move, asking with a detectable degree of incredulity: why did a group of young students come all the way from D.C. to help Congressional candidate Lou Barletta?

We think, with all due respect to our liberal friends, that they were duped. His face was on t-shirts at Urban Outfitters, he had an application for your iPhone, and the DNC looked more like MTV with all of those Obama-crazed stars slinking around the place. Obama was cool, but has he earned our generation’s vote?

To give you some perspective here, Republicans view President Obama and his policies roughly the same way guys look at UGG boots: attractive in the short-run, but ultimately too costly and impractical to sustain.

Admittedly, our Party failed. It neither communicated our message in a modern way nor nominated a candidate to represent those ideals. For this, we are sorry, but before you pick up an Obama pin for your backpack, we ask that you join us, one of the most active College Republicans chapters in the nation, and help us to build a new face for the Party of Lincoln.

----------------------------------------------------------- Sarah Jessica Parker: Bundled Up in the Big Apple

Braving the cold winter weather, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted out in New York City earlier today (February 6).

Dressed for the chilliness, the actress bundled up to stay warm in a knitted hat, navy blue parka, jeans, and some cozy ugg boots as she exited her Big Apple abode.

In related news, New Line Cinema spokeswoman, Candice McDonough, has confirmed that SJP’s “Sex and the City” will have a sequel – due out in summer 2010.

The movie will again include her three co-stars, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, along with writer-director Michael Patrick King.

Talking about the movie, King is keeping fans guessing, stating, “I’m very excited to work with these amazing actresses again and would love to give everyone more information about this sequel..but I’m busy with my ‘Sex’ life.”


Ugg boots destroy cold weather fashion The chill of winter weather has made its presence known to the University's campus and many a student has obtained some sort of sickness.

But one winter problem that plagues the college campus is not biological at all. It is material in nature and a visual nuisance in need of extermination: the ugg boots.

This sickness begins when the Georgia temperature starts flirting with the 50s. And at the turn of the millennium, someone, the Antichrist perhaps, decided to bring the Ugg boot to Hollywood.

From there, madness spread.

I'm more perplexed by the "fashion" status of the ugg boot than I am Scientology. Honestly.

A few years back, the disease hit Georgia and spread more fiercely than kudzu. These horrible boot/suede/fur fusion footings have become a mainstay, it seems, on the University campus.

But I ask you today to quarantine the afflicted parties and cleanse the campus of these God-forsaken shoes.

Originally invented to warm the feet and calves of the Australian surfer, the uggboots is composed of a soft sheepskin suede outer and a shearling lining. Its roominess and lightweight design are very popular comfort features.

And I understand how nice a lightweight and warm shoe must be for winter weather. But God, they are so ugly. Find something else. Please!

Ladies, I know they may be comfortable, but you must stop. As soothing as they must be to the soles, they are far more unattractive.

If you just don't care how you look or you're not trying to attract the opposite sex, then wear them out. But Valentine's Day is coming up, and if you aim to have someone to share it with, I would donate or burn whatever Uggs you have.

I have yet to meet a fellow male who has even thought about saying, "Ya know, I kinda like 'em." It just won't happen. More power to the Australians for their sheepskin ingenuity, but leave it for the Aussies and the swimmers, and only them.

I admit, I've seen a few outfits that incorporate Uggs and actually work.

But in my time here, I can count those instances on one hand. What's more, you girls can't arrange a decent outfit to go to class in! Sweatpants, leggings, or the bare leg are not appropriate parings for your Ugg-ly outfit.

And the Uggs and exercise shorts ensemble? Honestly? Do you own a mirror? Is it full length? And for those of you who reach for your uggs when it's 75 out, I have no advice for you because you're simply too far gone.

Now, technically, the ugg is a unisex shoe. So to you ladies and you few brave gentlemen, please wear your horrid shoes with caution. Or better yet, don't wear them at all.

I need to love life and find confidence in my generation. You girls are making me doubt our future as a society.

So, please, keep the campus out of attire agony and opt for a better boot.

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