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"Who Killed Bambi?" - A screenplay | Roger Ebert's

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:46 pm    Post subject: "Who Killed Bambi?" - A screenplay | Roger Ebert's If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

I'm talking to you, O?O dreamily comes to.OYes? What is it, darling?M.J.We, ah... seem to be here.O Where?M.J.At your hotel, of course. OMy hotel... Oh, yes! Of course!She collects herself. OThen let's go inside - shall we, darling?M.J.My thoughts exactly.A strange light burns in O's eyes.OYes... let's go inside. You'll like it inside, darling. You always do... and I'm going to do all wow gold kaufen of the most interesting things.M.J.Really? aSlightly more sober and a good deal more quiet, the Sex Pistols and Sue Catwoman emerge from the Cambridge Rapist Hotel. Hands in their pockets, cigarettes in their mouths, they are faced by the grey and dismal London morning. They walk down the grey, wet London Street, surveying their prospects.JOHNNY ROTTENWell, we ain't got a contract, and no bookings...PAUL COOKAnd we can't play on any radio or television station in the whole bloody United Kingdom... SID VICIOUSPlus Luxembourg.STEVE JONESAnd there ain't anyone who don't hate us.They walk on in silence.JOHNNY ROTTEN (after several beats)We're a success.They walk on.SID VICIOUS Bloody hellSTEVE JONESWhat is it, Steve?SID VICIOUSI've lost my lock!He looks down into a grating at the curb.STEVE JONES Yer what? SID VICIOUSMy lock! The chain snapped around my neck!He falls to his knees and peers into the grating. JOHNNY ROTTEN (sullen)Who give a shit about yer lock, Sid?But Sid is already wrestling with the grating.
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