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"Who Killed Bambi?" - A screenplay | Roger Ebert's

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He moves around to another part of the office.PROBY (immediately in the middle of things)Let me just get that blasted telephone, M.J... (picks it up)Hello? What? Wembley? Take care of it yourself and let me know what happens... right...(hangs up)Now, then.He goes over to one of the cluttered shelves in the wow gold kaufen and finds a small golden box. From another place, he finds the tiny spoon to go with it. He gestures M.J. to a comfortable sofa and sits down near him on a chair. Takes some of the white powder in the spoon and passes it to M.J., who thoughtfully inhales. Then Proby takes a spoon-ful himself. Inhales. The telephone rings again. Absentmindedly, Proby reaches over and picks it up, then drops it again on the receiver. He looks at M. J.PROBYVery nice, isn't it?M.J. pauses judiciously to evaluate the effect.M.J.Nice, yes. Very nice.Proby sinks back, seeming to relax, but something in the way his fingers dance against the arms of his chair betrays that he's got things on his mind. Silence. M.J. stands up again, and wanders over to the desk. Picks up a piece of the debris.M.J.What did you say was the name of this band?PROBYThe Sex Pistols.
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