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Announcement: change few things
Posted: Dragon @ Mon May 26, 2008 2:46 am
don't be shock or scared!

the PORN & HENTAI still EXISTs! inculding the Torrents and the Direct download!

but the only reasons why you can't see it because you need to login or "sign up"

due to not much active members posting (only few postings and you know who you are!)

and tired of the same old same old...

so i got rid of forum section "my dance/my music" and put the topics in Watch TV Online.

also plans have changes too due to the vote of YES "PORN & HENTAI" wins

so im saying this site going to be 18+ up! and its free! and if your underage and sign up is not my problem...its your responsibility you should know if your old enough or not! (i cannot read your "age")

so you can say its MATURE ONLY!

also i change the forum skin and i won't be changing it back to the old one so no matter how much you plea and beg the answers is "NO!" period!

by the way for those "guests" that are not a members here you have to sign up to see the "hidden forum topics" or else you just see free stuff here that aren't "hidden forum topics"...trust me sign up and you see whole lots more!

also i want to ask MickeyDs are you working the "private gunz server" or not...if not i be closing down that forum section! and don't tell me (i need members to donate to make it work)....i hope you read this topic...and reply ASAP!
the reasons why i change everything have to give special thanks to!


who ask me once "why don't you hide the topics only registerd members can see?" and i told him i was lazy..so lol (thanks man that why i hide all the goodies!) & also for sharing others stuff you found!


even tho dsid4evr isn't here with us anymore (maybe hes busy?) but he used to keep the forum active! by helping and replies each topics! seeing him doing that makin me wanne make more topics! (also that goes to mager & tupacorionmg they are active doing that) but dis4evr is special~


he work hard uploading torrents and sharing it with us! (if you know what i mean!) and he post replies help those who have problems! and even doesn't have much time he still visit this site! (same like mager too lol) that show you how much he liked this site! (wouldn't wanne used "loved" since its too powerful and he probley doesn't love it much..Jokes! lol) i be looking forward to your next upload! don't need to rush! we can wait for your goodies! your future and familys come first Wink


me and him we learn and teach each others few things...like how he teach me be straight up no need to be "soft" all the time and always be strict but fair to the members and can sometimes do jokes (tho his style is "piss me off your dead") but also this is why thanks to him is a reasons i change the site!

because i gave up trying to make it a anime site for those who here knows about this site it was a ANIME not a mature site but after months passed things changes and every members has a unique tastes and want something of theirs own that they can come visit and getting free stuff here. So i walking away of making this a anime site! im going to sail this site toward mature now and its will inculde everything from movies to music! games to softwares! anime to cosplay!

anyways i would like to thank you for taking your time reading this! Cool

and i be try to be more active and post some more new stuff for you! Razz

i really hope you like this new site skin...but if you don't liked it oh well there nothing i can do...but i still won't change it back! period! Twisted Evil

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Blogs: Vaction!
Posted: Dragon @ Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:37 am
yay vaction for me 2 weeks i go back to work in jan, 28 :lol:

Comments: 1114 (Post your comment)

Blogs: Welcome post
Posted: Dragon @ Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:16 pm
well today im trying to add more category and put more topics and do few things (and seed anime for you) etc. and waiting for members to join LOL (guess gonna take awhile for this new forum :wink: ...

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