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Announcement: Download/Torrent DownTime
Posted: MickeyDs @ Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:05 am
If You are a new member and decided to download from the site you will notice that the links no longer work

not because the site removed it
but we decided to remove due to some political issues that are happening in The Country We Reside in

The new Bill They Introduced and are trying to pass is C-16
what this bill includes is this

The proposed bill contains the following changes on what constitutes copyright infringement and what does not for personal use

Time shifting, limited format shifting, copying for personal use, and device transferring of media is legal as long as:
Citizens do not retain recorded programs for extended time
Are not backups of DVD's (can only be of videocassettes in format shifting).
Do not circumvent any and all "digital locks"
Transferring of media occurs only once per device owned by the purchaser of the original copy while retaining the original copy.
Are not of shows broadcast with "no recording" flags
Are not governed by any other clauses between the right holder and consumer (ex. Amazon's non-transferability clause, promotional use only, do not sell/transfer, etc.)
Format shifting must comply with the twelve processes listed here (pdf) in addition to all other conditions listed.
Hosts, such as ISP's, will no longer have legal responsibility under the new bill when their services are unintentionally used to provide access to copyrighted material.

Methods of protecting privacy would become legal under the proposed bill, however distribution of software to do so will be illegal, effectively canceling out the new right.

The bill will make circumventing all digital locks illegal, including locks on the Internet.

It modifies what libraries can do in providing digital copies, such that they would be allowed to create digital copies for patrons, but the copies must self destruct/be destroyed within 5 days of creation

It modifies the copyrights of performers and their performances such that a performer is given the sole right to:

"communicate [their performance] to the public by telecommunication."
"to perform [their performance] in public."
fix their performance in material form, such as recording their performance onto a dvd.
reproduce, rent, sell or otherwise transfer ownership of any sound recording of their performance.
Proposed fines for breaking the law are (per each instance, personal use):

A new statutory damage award of $500 for music downloads.
Since the $500 limit does not apply to all cases, fines up to $20,000 (defined in previous bills)[8] may be incurred (per instance) for:
Circumventing digital locks or DRM regardless of reason/intent.
Uploading regardless of awareness, including uploading to YouTube or peer-to-peer networks. Note that peer-to-peer programs generally allow files to be both uploaded and downloaded by default.
"Making available" of copyrighted material (regardless if it was actually uploaded).

Basically This is the ACTA (Amend to Conterfeiting Trade Agreement)In United states basically the Canadien government is trying to stop people from illegally downloading music and and from others using copyright material for there own personal gain

but these dumbasses are doing it in the wrong way when they are completly targeting the comsumers that actually abide by the law

meaning if untill now you have done nothing wrong maybe buy a music CD and tranfer the files to you Mp3 player you are some how a criminal

you can even get busted for using iTunes

So For Me And Dragon To Be ON The Safe We have temperarily removed the links untill this issue has been resolved we are terribly sorry for this inconvience but we could be technically labelled as criminals

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Blogs: Vaction!
Posted: Dragon @ Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:37 am
yay vaction for me 2 weeks i go back to work in jan, 28 :lol:

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Blogs: Welcome post
Posted: Dragon @ Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:16 pm
well today im trying to add more category and put more topics and do few things (and seed anime for you) etc. and waiting for members to join LOL (guess gonna take awhile for this new forum :wink: ...

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