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Mesmer changes this stress test

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:34 am    Post subject: Mesmer changes this stress test If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

sword skill 3: always leaps at target and transfer is not longer buggedsword offhand skill 4: still buggy it seemsI'll edit when i find out more and if people can list some changes/bugs they found it would help us all A1:That's not really a change, Leap works just as it did in the last BWE as far as I can tell.(archeage gold)The only difference is that the range indicators are more noticeable now so perhaps people are using it without accidentally being out of range as much.Supposedly Far Reaching Manipulations works now, I did verify that it works with blink - but I can't say that it didn't also work in BWE3 as I didn't mess with it. A2:I'm experiencing Leap still sometimes just popping a clone in front of me that waits a second, then runs to the target. Generally this is followed by the other error I'm still encountering: Swap sometimes blinks me far short of where the clone I was supposed to swap with was.It's a little frustrating, but not unbearable. A3:I had problems with wow gold with MH sword. 90% of scenarios (no object obstructing view to target, out of range or elevated terrain) the clone would leap to target, then when I want to switch places, it puts me out of melee range (which means I have to walk toward my target if I want my blade flurry or auto attack to hit) found that to be annoying and unreliable (compared to what I seen in most videos posted).Also is there some way to only attack with 1 skill when you press it? And not remain on auto firing (am thinking at times you may not want to hit your target if they get reflection or you are confused etc, and should be a way to prevent that - think of GS where you keep shooting it from range as long as target is in LOS and range). I keept looking through the options but couldn't find anything regarding this aspect.
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