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With Ghostbusters: The Videogame selling over a million copies, it looks like Ataridecidedto milk our childhoods for more money by having Wanako Studios, a studio owned by the makers of Naughty Bear, slop together another game in the franchise. From these preliminary views, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is going to play just like Alien Breed or Dead Nation with a coat of wildstar gold paint on it. A 3/4 view running around an area aiming proton beams to wrangle up all the unsavoryspecters. Maybe they will include thepurpleslime from the second film in some way.Here is the kicker, what is the big selling point as of now? That we will get to drive the Ecto-3 at some point in the game.Woo hoo. Awesome. Amazing. Going to sell millions of copies.What else is awesome? None of the original cast are lending their talents to the rs3 gold that they helped build - and in some cases are still passionate about. Even with the game's premise being that you are a rookie hired by the guys, they are not there to mentor you at all. So, they hired a person to run around town with a small nuclear reactor on their back, sport the company logo and are not giving them direction? Epic.Let's just hope that the characters from the original are in there and just silent as none of the voice actors are scheduled to appear.
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