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[Gw2]Complete Thief Skills Guide

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Does a hefty whack of direct damage, and is best used in a hit and run sequence. Start off with dancing archeage gold, move into a cloak and dagger, blast them with a stealth attack, then retreat with shadow strike. Pistol offhand skills (Pistol Pistol, Dagger Pistol and Sword Pistol sets)Black Powder: An expensive area blinding cloud that blinds everyone around you (their attacks miss while standing in the cloud). Useful for personal tanking, as well as creating smoke combo fields. In a group that needs more help tanking than damage you can cast this at the feet of your ranged characters to create a constant barrage of blinding projectiles. This can also be combined with leap attacks for a long five second stealth, albeit a very expensive one (Black Powder with Heartseeker costs 9 initiative). Headshot: A short, one second long daze that prevents the target from using skills. Useful to control a target, as you can just spam headshots at them to prevent the use of dangerous skills. Works well in both PvE and PvP. Sword mainhand skills (sword dagger and sword pistol)Slice: Basic sword attack that seems to do a bit more damage than dagger wow gold. When used from stealth, this will either blind the target if in front of them, or daze them if behind. Does less damage than pistol or dagger stealth attacks.Infiltrator’s strike: short ranged teleport to your enemy. You can activate it again to teleport back to your starting location and remove a condition.
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