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Best things to buy from the gem store.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:09 pm    Post subject: Best things to buy from the gem store. If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

I had money saved for Black Ops 2 however, after playing GW2 I don't think I'll waste my money on Black Ops...so I would have money to buy around 4800 gems although I might not even end up buying any. (If I did this would be a one of...)I'm looking atBank slotsCharacter Slots(World transfer just in case)Dyes+ How often will new things be added to the store? A1:I'd say bank slots and inventory slots will be pretty handy.[archeage gold] Depending on what you're interested in, you could get something like crafting exp boosts or dyes.I strongly suggest not spending gems on gold in the early game - as more gold appears in game, the exchange rate will give you much more gold for your money, so doing it too early could mean you end up losing out. A2:Whatever you enjoy the most.Mystic keys are pretty useful investments, since one mystic key will net you several potentially very nice things from each mystic chest (including boosts, dyes and craftables). And you will be finding mystic chests all the time, but mystic keys are pretty rare.If you like fluff wow gold, minipets are fun and not too expensive, and you may get some fun out of not knowing which three it will be each time. A3:prefer permanent stuff. (means, no boosts, or one-time use items)Such as- costumes- bank slots- inventory bag slots.here you pay once and use it forever. The boosts last a hour, or just 30 seconds (kill streak xp bonus, for example), and they do not have a huge effect. Also, you may get boosts and stuff like that out of mystic chests too, and from time to time, you will open one of these anyway.Costumes: come with a new skillbar to have fun while idle-ing around in cities. Looks nice too. Is known as town clothing.Bank slots: makes sense, really. You don't need space for crafting materials, but once you are higher level, you will want to store your weapons and gear in there. Also a variety of tokens (WvWvW tokens, a variety of dungeon tokens...).Inventory: an inventory with 5 20 slot bags has in the end 100 places. You can buy additional 3 slots, this increases the maximum capacity of your inventory to 160.
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